Delivering NLP techniques To Health Care Professionals

Welcome to NLP health care bringing Neuro Linguistic Programming to health care professionals from its base in Lancaster, Lancashire.


At the very heart of NLP is the principle that all human beings have the ability to change, we are not set in our thinking and behaviour. We either have the resources to change, or can create them.

“The person with the greatest flexibility of thought and behaviour will have the greatest influence in any interaction.” 

Think about what this might mean for you personally, and think about what this might mean for your interaction with patients. Imagine what effect flexibility of thought has on the disease processes themselves. Have you ever noticed how two similar patients with the same disease process can have very different outcomes and wonder why?

NLP provides both an insight and understanding into how we think, and has a variety of tools to help positively change that thinking process. In healthcare we are not only involved personally in a complex organisation with our own busy lives, but we get involved in other people’s lives often when they are very vulnerable. A helpful word, and nudge in the right direction at the right time can often do as much as a medical or surgical intervention. 

Working within healthcare especially within the NHS can be both fantastically rewarding and also amazingly frustrating with stress levels higher than most careers, leading to argument and burnout. NLP offers insight and practical solutions to interpersonal difficulties, staff problems and our interactions with patients. 

Consider for yourself how NLP may benefit both you personally and those that you care for, at home and work. 

NLP Healthcare is a way forward in making NLP accessible to all those that work within the healthcare environment.